Belton (Public Safety)

A new early flood warning system on Nolan Creek is changing emergency response procedures in the city thanks to partnerships with nearby cities and Bell County. Prone to rapidly increasing stream elevation and flash flooding during rain events, Nolan Creek is a beautiful resource with a dangerous side. Belton began studying ways to mitigate flooding from the creek following a September 2010 flood that damaged a neighborhood, several private businesses, and multiple government buildings in the downtown area. In April 2012, the city invested $12,000 in software and a stream elevation and rainfall monitoring station. Similar stations were purchased by other entities in the county as well.  The result is a robust creek monitoring system that provides real-time data on rainfall and stream elevation. In Belton, the system has already led to proposed adjustments in its emergency notification procedures. In the future, it is anticipated that the system will help save lives and property.

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